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    Post one boxing GIF you like because you think it's funny, and one that you like for any different, separate reason. There must be two GIF's. Two. Do not force my hand on this issue. I will like your comment. Whether you wish to elaborate on your GIF choices is your business until you make it...
  2. Boxing Forum
    Who would they be- and maybe why? The mind: Memories, reasoning, sensations, everything in there, all yours. Please note: This would hypothetically be with their permission. This scenario does not endorse mental rape via any form of preternatural ability or technological advancement.
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    Literally, every fighter who fights my favorite fighters ends up being like WAY BETTER than I knew they were before I knew they were going to fight my favorite fighters! This has been true over the past few years now, I've noticed. They all turn out to be LITERAL LEAGUES better than they were...
1-3 of 27 Results