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    Interested to hear what peoples thoughts are on the likelihood of any of the major fights in 2020 going ahead? Whyte v Povetkin Usyk v Chisora Joshua v Pulev Fury v Wilder III All are mean't to happen before mid July. I would put money on none of these occurring. I think there will be no...
  2. Boxing Forum Usyk is now officially the WBO mandatory and will fight the Winner of Joshua v Ruiz II. My feeling is it is too early for Usyk to challenge either. If AJ wins the rematch, to have done that he will have learnt to use his natural physical advantages...
  3. Boxing Forum
    Despite being the much smaller man Povetkin had Joshua in fits at times, he’s made a good career from being the smaller man. This had me thinking about what would happen if he was a cruiser or if the current cruiserweight champion moved up. This fight would be a great chance for both men and a...
  4. Boxing Forum
    Anyone going to Riga and watch it? I am going with my girlfriend, i hope it is a packed house. The ticket prices were bit high in my opinion, 50€ for cheapest seats and lots of 100-150€ tickets. I have no idea about Briedis, can anyone drop any good info about him?
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    They say the man without mustache is like the egg without salt and I have wondered after seeing Usyk perform today. For is it true in this modern day and age anyway? I do not know. Does it, for some, give paedish look? Perhap. Now, with Usyk, is faint, is no full thing and I wonder if it is bad...
1-5 of 5 Results