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    We've all seen evil machines in The Terminator or The Matrix, but how does a machine become evil? Is it like Project Satan from Futurama, where scientists combined parts from various evil cars to create the ultimate evil car? Or are machines simply destined to eventually turn evil when their...
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    @Lunny , Explain?!?!?!?
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    With your host, Vegan McCrazy-Bitch!!! :deal
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    Whose bass reigned supreme?
  5. Lounge Watch video from the 1 min and on WARNING: Contains male butt
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    Post shit that makes you go 'Double U TEE EFFFFF MAN' Firstly who the fuck spends £130 on a gummi bear? WHY? Secondly, who the fuck turns their dead cat into a helicopter? Thirdly, wtf is up with this demon emo monkey...
1-6 of 6 Results