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10 reasons why Wlad-Pianeta is a great fight

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1. Pianeta has used Wladimir as a sparring partner. He will have learnt the keys to victory.

2. Like all the greats, Pianeta is undefeated. There is no blueprint.

3. Pianeta has already beaten 6 foot 9 Evgeny Orlov. He has no fear of Klitschko's height.

4. Wladimir will be showing the effects of his brutal 5th round with Mariusz Wach.

5. Pianeta has a greater KO% than Ross Puritty. Wlad won't handle his power.

6. Pianeta is a southpaw, just like Corrie Sanders who destroyed Wladimir.

7. Pianeta is 8 (eight) years younger than old man Klitschko!

8. Wladimir will be distracted by his on-off relationship with Hollywood dwarf Hayden Panettiere.

9. Pianeta is from Italy, just like great Heavyweight champion Primo Carnera.

10. Pianeta is a German resident. Wlad is coming into his back garden!
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:lol: quality mate
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