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10 reasons why Wlad-Pianeta is a great fight

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1. Pianeta has used Wladimir as a sparring partner. He will have learnt the keys to victory.

2. Like all the greats, Pianeta is undefeated. There is no blueprint.

3. Pianeta has already beaten 6 foot 9 Evgeny Orlov. He has no fear of Klitschko's height.

4. Wladimir will be showing the effects of his brutal 5th round with Mariusz Wach.

5. Pianeta has a greater KO% than Ross Puritty. Wlad won't handle his power.

6. Pianeta is a southpaw, just like Corrie Sanders who destroyed Wladimir.

7. Pianeta is 8 (eight) years younger than old man Klitschko!

8. Wladimir will be distracted by his on-off relationship with Hollywood dwarf Hayden Panettiere.

9. Pianeta is from Italy, just like great Heavyweight champion Primo Carnera.

10. Pianeta is a German resident. Wlad is coming into his back garden!
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8. Wladimir will be distracted by his on-off relationship with Holywood dwarf Hayden Panettiere.
This one got me :rofl
Why would Wlad want to go to America to fight when he can sell out football stadiums 3 times a year in Germany? What can the US offer him? It's not like he needs to go and beat all the big American contenders.
Well it's just my take on it but if I was thee heavyweight champ like Wlad is, I'd be keen to fight as much as possible and I'd be desperate to fight in America and over here.

But he won't cuz you like you say he sells out stadiums with Mormeck next to his name.

That said, thinking back to Wlad's last US adventure and that fight with Ibragimov at MSG.. forget it.
Wlad used to fight in America quite a bit. Ever since the Ibragimov PR disaster he hasn't gone back/they haven't wanted him, which is a bit of shame. The history of heavyweight boxing pretty much belongs to America, rightly or wrongly. Not saying Wlad owes them or anything but just my personal view is that it'd be nice if he kind of went touring with the heavyweight title. It'd be more fun than what's going on now anyway.

They might not be the top contenders but there's still names out there he could easily fight.
fighting on May 4 is pretty arrogant if you ask me, as if anybody is gonna care about his fight when mayweather is fighting

I agree with most of what else you've said in this thread but don't get that comment at all. No one else is allowed to fight when Mayweather does? It's not like it clashes time-wise anyway. Boxing fans can be put to sleep twice in one night on May 4th - once by Wlad, then 6 hours later by Floyd.
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