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10 reasons why Wlad-Pianeta is a great fight

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1. Pianeta has used Wladimir as a sparring partner. He will have learnt the keys to victory.

2. Like all the greats, Pianeta is undefeated. There is no blueprint.

3. Pianeta has already beaten 6 foot 9 Evgeny Orlov. He has no fear of Klitschko's height.

4. Wladimir will be showing the effects of his brutal 5th round with Mariusz Wach.

5. Pianeta has a greater KO% than Ross Puritty. Wlad won't handle his power.

6. Pianeta is a southpaw, just like Corrie Sanders who destroyed Wladimir.

7. Pianeta is 8 (eight) years younger than old man Klitschko!

8. Wladimir will be distracted by his on-off relationship with Hollywood dwarf Hayden Panettiere.

9. Pianeta is from Italy, just like great Heavyweight champion Primo Carnera.

10. Pianeta is a German resident. Wlad is coming into his back garden!
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got to wonder, does he (wladimir) or his people even care anymore. fighting people even hardcore fans don't know. not coming to America to fight, sorry state at this heavyweight division is, and he doesn't make it better...
also, fighting on May 4. same night as the most popular fighter in the world makes his return to the ring? I want to know the end game for him is...
all that and no one cares. it's like he's done his best to be indifferent about being champion. if there are no contenders then he needs to stop fighting. i know he can find someone better than this to fight. fighting on May 4 is pretty arrogant if you ask me, as if anybody is gonna care about his fight when mayweather is fighting. at some point he's going to want to come back to America. there's somebody out there better than his opponent. this is why people don't like him...
knew somebody would bring that up. and it doesn't matter, because the opponent is terrible. you are the heavyweight champion of the world, you could fight somebody that people know so that the time difference doesn't make any difference...
:lol: You can't argue the facts.

An oddly irrational comment, really.
tell me why...
it's about fighting a good opponent. why can't he do that? what interest from fight fans do you think he's going to get fighting this guy. if you're the best, you can do better than this...
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