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194 Press/Fan scores for Trout vs Canelo

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Thanks for all your scores for this fight. My findings showed just how close this fight was with the Press giving Canelo a slight edge over Trout in the 45 scores i was able to collect.

The fans sent in an amazing 149 scores through the boxing sites and on twitter @thefightscore . There was a decent sized vote for Trout by the fans.

Overall the Press/fans scored more for Trout, all scores are on my fightscorecollector site..............

Thanks again and please keep sending me your scores.

Any comments more than welcome.
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Depending on the margins, I find it pretty weird that so many people plumped for Trout. When did boxing become the act of throwing shots with little impact or accuracy?
Each to their own and all that but that isn't the way I perceived the fight. IMO Trout threw and landed more shots than Canelo who landed the harder more eye catching punches. Unless you get the KO boxing is about scoring and for me Trout landed more scoring punches.
Alvarez made Trout miss with a lot of the shots he was attributed with landing. Mostly they were hitting arms and shoulders, so weren't scoring punches. Rewarding someone for simply showing industry seems like a bad road to go down. But I would concede that Canelo's patience made the rounds look closer than they needed to.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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