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2012 Olympic Boxing. Day 1

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On now, SKY channel 458.

Bantum (56kg) & Middleweight (75kg)


Full schedule
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Diaz Jr (US) vs Ishchenko (UKR) on 1st :bbb
Good 1st round for Diaz, picking off some nice shots but some good action.

4-3 Diaz
Ishchenko is no mug & lands some good shots but Diaz is outworking him & being busier.

9-6 Diaz
Great last round. Ishchenko came out all guns blazing but Diaz boxed really well. Very good start to the tournament

19-9 Diaz
Next up Vodopiyanov (RUS) vs Melian(ARG)

This venue looks awsome, good atmosphere as well
Very cagey opening round, both guys looking to draw leads & counter.

2-1 RUS
RUS having more success now, ARG just isnt active enough

5-3 RUS
Quiet fight until the last round. RUS landed some painful looking shots & ARG took an 8 count.

12-5 RUS
Robenilson de Jesus (BRZ) vs Shayimov (UZB)

2 rangy boxers that move well, I thought it was a competitive 1st round but 4-1 BRZ

BRZ starts in lively fashion is slowing down, UZB landed a few right hands. 9-5 BRZ

BRZ getting sloppy in the 3rd, UZB applying pressure but not landing much. 13-7 BRZ
JonJo Nevin (IRE) vs Dennis Ceylan (DEN)

Nevin looking classy, Ceylan is aggressive & game but is being outscored. Good 1st round. 5-2 IRE

Nevin moving up through the gears, some eye-catching work. 13-4 IRE

Very good performance by Nevin, showboating in the last round but totally in control. 21-6 IRE
Abutalipov (KAZ) vs Slamana (Syria)

Tricky southpaw KAZ boxing well, SYR is a bit wild but landed a big right hand. 5-1 KAZ
KAZ in & out, scoring points but SYR is very game & is still landing occasional right hands. 10-4 KAZ
Similar to rounds 1 & 2, KAZ outboxing SYR but keeps getting caught with big right hands. 15-7 KAZ
Thapa (IND) vs Valdez Fierro (MEX)

Close opening round & a good clash of styles, Thapa boxing off the back foot & Valdez coming forward. 4-2 MEX
Another close round, really good fight but Valdez shots seem to have lot more meat on them. 7-6 MEX
Cracking last round, Valdez moved up a level & deserves a hard fought win. 14-9 MEX

Best fight of the day so far.
Ogogo not been on yet has he?
On next mate :good
War Ogogo :ibutt

6 middleweight fights coming up this avo. 2nd session tonight starts at 8pm
Ogogo (GBR) vs Castillo Martinez (DOM)

Great atmosphere, scrappy start with both guys wrestling on the inside. Close round which perhaps DOM has edged with the cleaner work. 3-2 GBR

Another close round with a similar pattern to the 1st. GBR landing right hands more regularly. 8-3 (!!!) GBR

DOM starting aggressively but without much success, GBR looking more comfortable & landing some clean left hooks on the counter. 13-6 GBR

War Team G B
Akanji (NGR) vs O'Neil (IRE)

One sided opening round, IRE outclassing his taller & less mobile opponent. 4-3 IRE
NGR taking a bit of a pasting in the 2nd, looking wobbly at times. 12-5 IRE
Quieter last round as IRE eased off. 15-6 IRE
Hartel (GER) vs Collazo Pelaiz (PUR)

Nice jabs from GER & a tight guard, good handspeed & combos from PUR. 6-4 GER
More success behind the jab for GER, timing his shots well. 11-8 GER
Better round for PUR but GER finished strongly, good fight that. 18-10 GER
Kasuto (NAM) vs Nazarov (TJK)

NAM boxing smoothly, beating TJK to the punch & landing jabs & straight rights. 2 good right hands from TJK but little else. 3-3
Quieter round fought at a slowe pace, NAM still being more active & accurate. 7-6 NAM
Close last round with TJK forcing the action. NAM fighting back & both guys know its close. 11-8 NAM
Espinoza Mena (VEN) vs Harcsa (HUN)

Entertaining 1st round some great exchanges. VEN seemed to edge it but HUN did land some quality shots. 5-4 HUN
VEN boxing better, keeping distance & using his superior speed from range. The crowd are cheering some mad woman screaming in the crowd. 8-8
Big left hand puts HUN down but no count given, both guys trading hard punches. Great last round, really fun fight. 16-13 HUN, unpopular decision
1 - 20 of 121 Posts
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