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2012 Olympic Boxing. Day 1

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On now, SKY channel 458.

Bantum (56kg) & Middleweight (75kg)


Full schedule
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John joe boxing very nicely here. 5-2 up now
Nevin connecting with some good shots here, including a nice bit of bodywork. Guaranteed the judges wont score that though :lol: 8-2 Nevin.
The Kazakh lad is boxing well, but the Syrian can crack a bit. Better keep up his hands up.
Ogogo not been on yet has he?
The middleweights are on later on in the day I think.
Really? I thought he was scheduled to be on at 3
My mistake, soz mate.
Pity the changes they were on about didnt happen for this olympics.
O Neils opponent is huge, looks like a cruiserweight.
O Neil had him doing a wobble there near the end of the second.
Balla (AUS) vs LBIDA (MAR)

Mad 1st round, both guys landing bombs & happy to slug it out. Great action, close round. 7-6 AUS
Calmer round with more boxing, the rangy MAR doing well at distance & taking control of the fight. 12-11 MAR
AUS gets check-hooked! AUS fighting back landing some solid work, more slugging MAR tiring & getting wild. 16-16 AUS wins on countback

One of the best fights of the tournament so far
Ive got to check this one out again, just missed it.
Ha used to annoy me too but for some strange reason I like to see if someone is getting robbed rather than wait till the end.

Tbh I didn't expect as good bouts as the couple I've seen expected a lot more fencing style boxing. Although I haven't a clue what the ref is doing half the time.
The 'gloved fencing' brigade certainly got proven wrong for today at least, some very good matches :yep Hope this continues as the stakes get higher.
1 - 10 of 121 Posts
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