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2012 Olympic Boxing. Day 10

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Women's quarter finals this afternoon. Men's light, middle and super-heavyweight quarters tonight.

Full schedule and order here -

Cracking fight between Katie Taylor and Natasha Jonas right now. Great atmosphere.
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Katie Taylor keeps landing with the check hook :yep

Taylor up 10-7 going into the 3rd.
Taylor leads 19-11 going into the 4th and final round. Jim!
Katie Taylor gets through to semis with a 26-15 win. Great, great fight and atmosphere. Better than most of the men's bouts I've seen tbh.
Katie Taylor the GOAT. Irrefutable.
This woman commentator is annoying, but you gotta give her props for the amount of times she's said check hook. She fits it in every round, believe you me.
My female boxer crush Savannah Marshall is up next as well :frog
Good opening round for the Kazakh boxer. Thought she deserved to be ahead there but it's level at 4-4 after the first. Savannah will need to improve.
Better round for Savannah. It's getting scrappy but she landed the better shots there IMO. Still level though. 7-7 after two.
Close third. The Kazakh smothering inside and Savannah unable to really box effectively on the outside. And the Kazakh leads 10-8 going into the final. Scrappy fight. Hard to spot a definite winner in the 3rd.
Savannah needs a big 4th round and she's not able to land much as the Kazakh opponent constantly holding inside. Ref needs to sort this out IMO. Marshall getting caught open a few times as well and time running out.
Not sure Marshall landed enough to get back ahead there. Disappointing for Savannah. Onto the judges now..
16-12 for the Kazakh. Crowd boos but I don't think it was that bad a score. Savannah just not anywhere near as effective as she should've been. Disappointing because the Kazakh wasn't anything special either, just a bit stronger inside.
1 - 14 of 165 Posts
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