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2012 Olympic Boxing. Day 10

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Women's quarter finals this afternoon. Men's light, middle and super-heavyweight quarters tonight.

Full schedule and order here -

Cracking fight between Katie Taylor and Natasha Jonas right now. Great atmosphere.
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This was a very good scrap I must say :yep
Aye, if ever you needed arguments in fovour of women's boxing. these type of fights are there ones you look at.
This Cuban is pretty tidy & will face Lomachenko next if he wins
He gave Lomachenko a very good fight in the worlds last year I thought, even after being put down by a cracking right hook from Lom in the first. Hes very well schooled and athletic.
It really is a pleasure to watch the Cubans isn't it
Makes it even worse knowing that they cant turn pro after it though doesn't it though:-(
Joshua was too slick. Too black.
I approve of this statement, very well thought out.
1 - 6 of 165 Posts
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