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2012 Olympic Boxing. Day 10

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Women's quarter finals this afternoon. Men's light, middle and super-heavyweight quarters tonight.

Full schedule and order here -

Cracking fight between Katie Taylor and Natasha Jonas right now. Great atmosphere.
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What a fight, real quality work from both women, Taylor is top class, credit to Jonas she dug deep in the last round and pushed Taylor.
Never watched Marshall before, looked nothing special in the opening round.
What the fuck! shocking scoring, how is it even after that? Marshall comfortably won that round!
What the hell is going on here...the Kazakh is two up!?? Marshall should be at least 4 up.
War Ogogo!

Close round, thought Ogogo edged it, 10-6 going into the 3rd!
Good round for the German, last 10 seconds Ogogo landed some punches, should have it in the bag.
15-10 is a bit wide for me, but Ogogo deserved it IMO.
Nicola Adams looks good. Obviously an ingle fighter though.
Yea, she looked really slick.
Joshua looking good here, the ***** is like a giant Lucian Bute.
1 - 20 of 165 Posts
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