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2012 Olympic Boxing. Day 10

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Women's quarter finals this afternoon. Men's light, middle and super-heavyweight quarters tonight.

Full schedule and order here -

Cracking fight between Katie Taylor and Natasha Jonas right now. Great atmosphere.
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Well done big lad

All you doubters eat some humble pie, Unified hw champ by 2015
he'll have to beat Savon for real to take that title:frog
Joshua was too slick. Too black.
I approve of this statement, very well thought out.
I approve of this statement, very well thought out.
All of my statements are well thought out and all of my threads are official.
superb fights by both our lads,both lads won well.

and barlow,no corruption in either of our boys fights my little handsome popstar
161 - 165 of 165 Posts
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