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Half of the men's finals tonight. All times BST and estimates.

Light Flyweight
20:30 - Shiming Zou (China) vs Kaeo Pongprayooon (Thailand)

20:45 - John Joe Nevin (Ireland) vs Luke Campbell (GB)

Light Welterweight
21:15 - Roniel Iglesias Sotolongo (Cuba) vs Denys Berinchyk (Ukraine)

21:45 - Esquiva Falcao Florentino (Brazil) vs Ryota Murata (Japan)

22:15 - Oleksandr Uysk (Ukraine) vs Clemente Russo (Italy)


Any predictions?

I'm gonna go for Zou, Nevin, Iglesias Sotolongo, Falcao and Uysk to win gold.

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Pong, Campbell, Berinchyk, Falcao and Usyk.

Berinchyk might look like a crazy pick but I've seen Iglesias get overwhelmed before and Berinchyk is a beast. Iglesias could easily pick him off though but I reckon the styles will make for an interesting scrap. War crazy hair.

I think Zou has slipped abit and the Thai has been quality all tournament, I think he'll outwork him.

Campbell/Nevin is a toss up. campbell needs to keep it at range and let Nevin do the chasing whilst picking him off. Real 50/50 that one though.

if Murata can make it a slug out that fight will be awesome.

I don't think Usyk will have many problems with the Italian.
1 - 20 of 67 Posts
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