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2012 Olympic Boxing. Day 16

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Final day of the London 2012 Olympic boxing today. All times BST and estimates.

13:30 - Tugstsogt Nyambayar (Mongolia) vs Robeisy Ramirez Carrazana (Cuba)

13:45 - Vasyl Lomachenko (Ukraine) vs Soonchul Han (Korea)

14:15 - Freddie Evans (GB) vs Serik Sapiyev (Kazakhstan)

Light Heavyweight
14:45 - Egor Mekhontchev (Russia) vs Adilbek Niyazymbetov (Kazakhstan)

Super Heavyweight
15:15 - Roberto Cammarelle (Italy) vs Anthony Joshua (GB)

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Mongolian should be ahead IMO. 10-9 to Cuba
Yeah Ramirez clearly won the last but didn't deserve the first. Close fight though
A combination of Sapiyev being really good and Evans not quite turning up there for me.
Amir bigging up Khan Promotions saying he'll get these amateur guys success as pros. I thought they didn't allow advertising on the BBC :lol:
Callum Smith should've been in these games though.
Fucking hell what a way to win/lose! On judges decision after scores and countback are level it's pretty much just pot luck.
Haha Lennox and Amir doing the mobot :lol:
Btw interesting little fact lads, Joe Ward beat Mekhonstev 20-14 in March of this year :deal

Its a case of what might have been for Joe.
And Joe Ward should've qualified as well. But a lot of amateur boxing is on the day admittedly.

You could run these games in a fortnight's time and half of the medallists could easily be different.
Joshua caught way too much there at the end of the first. Cammarelle leads by one but should be more IMO. 6-5.
Josh is too static and getting picked off too much. 13-10 to Cammarelle. Josh has to throw everything at it now.
Started too slow. Definitely won the 3rd, could be really close though.
Pretty lucky but Cammarelle was spoiling at the end anyway so fuck him :yep

WAR Joshua!
Lets be honest judges were probably paid off. Seemed to me like they gave Cammarelle the first two but close enough so that Joshua could come back in the last round realistically and give the appearance that they were willing to score Cammarelle rounds...
:lol: Bit of a stretch but wouldn't surprise me.
I haven't got much problem with the scoring in the final. But the Savon fight still takes something away from it to me but that's just my opinion.
I think him and Savon were the 2 best boxers in the division, if the draw had been a little different they would have met in the final.
Agree with this. It was an unfortunate draw for both to meet straight away.
Apparently AIBA will ask Amir Khan for his scorecard and that will decide the appeal from the Italians.
I'm out and forgot to record this. For me, regardless of how any of Joshua's fights turned out, the Savon fight has really left Joshua's gold tainted.
1 - 20 of 147 Posts
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