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2012 Olympic Boxing. Day 16

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Final day of the London 2012 Olympic boxing today. All times BST and estimates.

13:30 - Tugstsogt Nyambayar (Mongolia) vs Robeisy Ramirez Carrazana (Cuba)

13:45 - Vasyl Lomachenko (Ukraine) vs Soonchul Han (Korea)

14:15 - Freddie Evans (GB) vs Serik Sapiyev (Kazakhstan)

Light Heavyweight
14:45 - Egor Mekhontchev (Russia) vs Adilbek Niyazymbetov (Kazakhstan)

Super Heavyweight
15:15 - Roberto Cammarelle (Italy) vs Anthony Joshua (GB)

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Horrible scoring there. Nyambar completely outboxed him. Sick of shit scoring in the finals. Total disgrace.
Yep Cuban's getting this no matter what. How predictable.
First round was shocking scoring @Unknown Poster

To give that to Ramirez was horrible, Mongolian outboxed by 2-3 points. Level second round and Ramirez won the last by a couple so this should be going to countback or very, very close. But no Cuban gets it by 3.
This is a pretty shit effort TBH. Olympic final.
Sapiyev is just too good, too mature. Good head movement, good body movement, unpredictable, high work-rate. Must punch pretty hard to have Evans in his shell. Evans just looks too orthodox and unimaginative. He won't punch unless he's in textbook position...

Still a poor effort from Freddie though, really is.
Really didn't fancy Evans for this anyway, didn't seem mentally strong enough in a few bouts, letting opponents back in.

Sapiyev is pretty damn good.
Sapiyev is another guy I'd like to see pro. Add to the list of Murata, Khytrov, the Falcao brothers.

Evans needs to stay amateur for a few years IMO. He's got issues that are not best resolved in a pro ring. He needs good sparring.
17-9 was generous if anything. Fair play to the guy.
Be interesting to gather peoples thoughts on fighters that should turn pro after this is finished. From our boys (I know a few have already said they won't go pro...but hypothetically) and some of the other stand outs in the tournament.
Bit worried about Selby as a pro. Very shoeshine on the backfoot. That's a tough style to pull off over the long distance considering he wasn't all that hard to hit.

Petrauskas, Berinchyk, Murata, Khytrov and Sapiyev are very obvious stand outs as pressure guys. All of them are very mature and developed except for the Lithuanaian, maybe.
I think for Stalker he should have a good idea about whether he'd make a good pro from sparring pro guys. I'm not absolutely convinced because I don't know looking at his technique that he punches all that hard. If he fancies his chances now would seem a logical time since he should be in his peak.

Not much else Campbell can achieve and I think he has potential, good textbook technique. Needs sensible progression because I don't think he's mature physically.
Surprised the Russian is struggling based on their respective Semi's.
Bit fortunate.

Very fortunate including the Savon one...
Lets be honest judges were probably paid off. Seemed to me like they gave Cammarelle the first two but close enough so that Joshua could come back in the last round realistically and give the appearance that they were willing to score Cammarelle rounds...
They're hardly likely to just score every round to Joshua, are they? If you were set out to rig matches that wouldn't be the smartest approach.

You only have to look at the Savon fight to see Joshua only had to be comeptetive and remain on his feet to get gold here. This fight was the icing on the cake for Joshua to suddenly pull back 3 points, but that fight showed it clearly.
The Savon fight has nothing to do with this, it was a really close fight, so that means the judges have been paid off..the scoring was fair.
Joshua did well in the last round but I'm not sure he pulled back 3 points, he was getting hit himself. Pretty convenient he suddenly pulls back 3 and wins on countback, to be honest.

But clearly this wasn't the main problem, I agree it was a close fight and I don't really have a problem with Joshua winning this fight - just feel it was fairly indicative of the way things were going to go after the Savon farce. This was the sort of fight where you can rightly say 'could have gone either way', but as we know in boxing it very rarely does go 'either way', it goes to the guy that's supposed to win.
Shimizu was the luckiest guy in the world at the time of these Olympics, luckier than the Euromillions winner that just picked up a check for 147 mill.
Anyway, don't wanna be down on Joshua. Kids got good potential, very good potential in fact. He was definitely the major talent in this division along with Savon, he did great in the fights against the Chinese and Dychko.
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