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2012 Olympic Boxing. Day 16

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Final day of the London 2012 Olympic boxing today. All times BST and estimates.

13:30 - Tugstsogt Nyambayar (Mongolia) vs Robeisy Ramirez Carrazana (Cuba)

13:45 - Vasyl Lomachenko (Ukraine) vs Soonchul Han (Korea)

14:15 - Freddie Evans (GB) vs Serik Sapiyev (Kazakhstan)

Light Heavyweight
14:45 - Egor Mekhontchev (Russia) vs Adilbek Niyazymbetov (Kazakhstan)

Super Heavyweight
15:15 - Roberto Cammarelle (Italy) vs Anthony Joshua (GB)

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Ramirez is a tremendous talent, I hope he turns pro in America.

Wlad is a class act.
What the hell is Evans doing? He threw about 5 punches..
WOW I've never known a boxer to throw so few shots in an amateur bout, Evans isn't even trying.
What a joke, I can't believe I backed Evans to win this, he's fighting like Audley Harrison.
He's not even going for it?!! settling for Silver, shocking effort.
Have you ever seen such a poor effort in an Olympic final? Evans showed no heart what so ever.
I've been thinking recently that Joshua would do well to stay amatuer for another year, get a but more experience, let the hype die down a bit. Can't see it though.
Or just move him slower as a professional? Send him stateside/Germany for sparring, boxing fans will want him to be moved quickly though.
Thought big Josh deserved that, don't think he deserved to be 3 down after the second, and how did Camarelle land 5 scoring punches in the last round..

Well done Anthony!
Saying he wants to stay amateur?

God I hope so, very sensible young boy if so.
He said he's an amateur for now, Fast Eddies £££ will lure him into the pro's.
Lets be honest judges were probably paid off. Seemed to me like they gave Cammarelle the first two but close enough so that Joshua could come back in the last round realistically and give the appearance that they were willing to score Cammarelle rounds...
But the third round was the easiest to score in the fight and it was a fair decision.
They're hardly likely to just score every round to Joshua, are they? If you were set out to rig matches that wouldn't be the smartest approach.

You only have to look at the Savon fight to see Joshua only had to be comeptetive and remain on his feet to get gold here. This fight was the icing on the cake for Joshua to suddenly pull back 3 points, but that fight showed it clearly.
The Savon fight has nothing to do with this, it was a really close fight, so that means the judges have been paid off..the scoring was fair.
Fucking greasy Italians, they've got no chance.
Savon would have made Dytchko look like a fool.
People who use the word hater should be shot, as soon as you give your opinion on something your 'hating'... **** word.
Started boxing 4 years ago, arrested for selling weed a year ago to getting Silver at the Worlds and Gold at the Olympics.

Anthony Joshua>>>
Rob it was in this tournament ffs. The last 3 rounds I saw from Savon he won, so yeah.. I'm gonna be rating him. Raters gonna rate.
1 - 20 of 147 Posts
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