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2012 Olympic Boxing. Day 2

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Evening session starting in a moment, SKY channel 460

Lightweights & welterweights today. Full schedule..


Fred Evans on at 4.15, Josh Taylor due on at 8.30
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Arias Romero (DOM) vs Marriaga Campo (COL) - winner faces Lomachenko next

Southpaw DOM countering well off the backfoot, limited success for COL as he comes forward. 6-3 DOM
Similar round to the 1st, not the best quality fight but all the clean shots coming from DOM. 12-5 DOM
A more positive start by COL but still largely ineffective. COL landing good left hands. 17-8 DOM
Mejri (TUN) vs Chitou (BEN)

Good start by BEN, TUN down but ruled a slip. BEN using his superior reach in a quiet 1st round. 3-2 TUN (?)
Aggression from TUN & some good exchanges. Both guys scoring points, right hand from TUN the best shot of the round. 9-5 TUN
Toe-to-toe action, TUN down again from a shot but also no KD ruled. BEN doing well this round but TUN still scoring. 16-9 TUN

A better fight than the last but a quiet start to todays boxing.
Verdejo Sanchez (PUR) vs Huertas Garcia (PAN)

Good fight, the smaller PUR looking to slip the jab & work inside. PUR is impressive for a 19yo. 4-1 PUR
PUR using his speed & movement well, PAN unable to gain the upper-hand but landed a couple of straight shots from range. 8-3 PUR
PUR continues to do well in all the exchanges with good combos. Classy performance. 11-5 PUR
Zhailauov (KAZ) vs Ardee (THA)

KAZ looks strong & solid, THA more mobile & rangy & is landing the better shots. KAZ bleeding from the nose. Good action in final minute. 5-4 THA
THA boxing on the back foot but KAZ having some joy during his attacks. Close & competitive fight. 8-8
3rd round a bit scrappy, good bodyshots from THA who is busier, some good counters from KAZ. 12-12 KAZ wins on countback, unpopular decision
Allisop (SEY) vs Bhagwan (IND)

IND scoring from range, SEY is a tidy boxer but is being outworked. 7-3 IND
The experienced IND bossing the fight, SEY is plucky & keeps on throwing. 14-6 IND
IND still picking off shots & moving well, SEY running out of ideas. 18-8 IND
Thai boxer should have got the W
Definately, clearly deserved the nod imo.
Jackson (AUS) vs Qiang (CHI)

CHI looks to have superior handspeed, the compact AUS trying to close the distance but needs to busier. 4-1 CHI
AUS being more active but isnt scoring much. CHI still landing jabs/straights & the occasional bodyshot. 10-3 CHI
CHI still controlling the fight, AUS cant force the pace. Both guys slug it out in the last minute, standing 8 count for AUS. 20-7 CHI
Kidunda (TAN) vs Belous (MDA)

MDA off to a good start, nice combos & puts his shots together well. More classy work from MDA in a one sided opening round. 8-2 MDA
MDA in total control, impressive performance so far. TAN just cant compete. 13-4 MDA
MDA coasting but still scoring with some good looking shots, complete dominance. 20-7 MDA
Byamba (MGL) vs Mitoumba Mbemy (GAB)

Patient start, the taller GAB flickering shots whilst MGL stalks forward in a crouch. MGL working well inside, loading up on left hooks. 5-1 MGL
2nd round very similar, more success for MGL in close scoring with combos. Lovely slips & feints from MGL, GAB just cant cope. 11-2 MGL
Quiet round, MGL still being effective but not a lot of action. Nice to see a shorter pressure fighter doing well in this tournament. 17-4 MGL
Vastine (FRA) vs Wojcicki (GER)

Both guys up on their toes & boxing. Competitive 1st round, a few good shots from GER near the end. 6-4 FRA
FRA trying to stay on the backfoot, GER landing with some hooks but a good finish from FRA as he increases the pace. 10-8 FRA
FRA circling & bouncing in & out but GER still landing some eye catching hooks. Close fight but perhaps FRA has edged it. 16-12 FRA
Well, yesterday I was on a mission to record all of the olympic boxing... Set my sights on taking over the tv for the duration of the olympic boxing... Yesterday was a big day for boxing in general, which saw me get the first two olympic sessions recorded then I stayed up to get the boxnation event recorded, I was then thinking great I'll get a few hours sleep and be awake in time for the next olympic session this afternoon.

It's not went to that plan at all - I've literally just woke up about 5 minutes ago. And my sky+ box has failed to record. to say I'm not happy is about right. but I have two options left. I could just record Freddie Evans fight at 4ish? or just scrap this entire session and tape the next session later tonight?

Normally, I wouldn't care about Amateur Boxing but this past year on boxnation I've been exposed to the world of amateur boxing and have recorded, the AIBA finals, World Series of Boxing, Haringey Box Cup etc... and most importantly I've really enjoyed watching them as the view was that several winners of these tournaments would then go on to appear at the olympics. So, this is like the pinnacle of the sport and I've missed this afternoons part of it. gutted I am! gutted!
Any boxing you miss might be on the iplayer?
Clayton (CAN) vs Molina (MEX)

Sharp left hook from MEX in a low tempo & timid opener. 1-1
Neither guy is being very dynamic in another slow round that gets a bit more exciting towards the end. 6-3 CAN
3rd round is much better, good bodywork from CAN as the MEX comes forward. 12-8 CAN
Abdoulaye Hima (NIG) vs Hammond (AUS)

AUS looks more technical but is struggling with the rangy & awkward NIG. 2-2
NIG is unorthodox & unpredictable, long arms but does well on the inside. Some stiff counters & an 8 count for NIG. 7-4 AUS
AUS growing in confidence & starting to time NIG's attacks. Classy counter combination from AUS.
Evans (GBR) vs Abbadi (ALG)

Great atmosphere. GBR starts well but has been caught a few times. 7-5 GBR
ALG being patient & doing well at range, GBR landing clean counterpunches. 12-7 GBR
GBR leaking occasional shots but still outscoring ALG. Good performance by Freddie. 18-10 GBR
Josh Taylor on in 5 :bbb Nolan on later

Tonights session should be better than this afternoon's. Some interesting fights ahead
Conceicao (BRA) vs Taylor (GBR)

GBR boxing well, landing solid left hands. Nice high guard. 3-2 GBR seems fair
BRA coming forward & scoring but GBR returning fire. 9-6 GBR
Similar to the 2nd, BRA pressing the action, GBR boxing & moving but not as active. Nice uppercut by BRA at the end. 13-9 GBR
Honestly thought the Brazilian won that
It was closer than the judges had it, the Brazilian was a bit unlucky
Petrauskas (LIT) vs Varga (HUN)

LIT short & coming forward, battering HUN. Keeps the pressure on as HUN tries to keep distance. Good 1st round. 6-4 LIT
This fight is awesome. LIT is a little powerhouse who doesnt give a fuck :lol: Standing 8 count for HUN. 12-8 LIT
LIT straight back to business landing big shots, this guy is a lot of fun to watch. Another 8 count for HUN. 20-12 LIT

I want to watch this guy again, great fight.
Chadi (ALG) vs Keles (TUR)

Evenly matched pair of 2 skillful guys, close 1st round that maybe ALG edged. 5-4 TUR
Interesting tactical fight, TUR fairing better in the exchanges. ALG getting a bit ragged. 11-5 TUR
ALG really going for it but TUR landing counter lefthooks. ALG having a hissy fit, not happy with the ref. 15-8 TUR
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