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2012 Olympic Boxing. Day 2

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Evening session starting in a moment, SKY channel 460

Lightweights & welterweights today. Full schedule..


Fred Evans on at 4.15, Josh Taylor due on at 8.30
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Pretty comprehensive victory in line for the Mongolian. Byamba would have to pull something shocking of at this point
@davez i wouldn't be too guttered, this afternoons boxing has been rather dull, a couple of decent fights but mainly one sided affairs with one boxer generally either being too talented or too experienced. I'm hoping it picks up from here when the crowd gets hyper for Evans coming on.
Decent start, bit open to the counter at times but still winning. The bias commentary is embarrassing though
I don't think Evans looks anywhere near as good leading off.

5-2 that round was generous IMO, most of his shots were cuffs
I agree, he needs to make his opponent come to him and stay countering. 5-2 was generous
He's got the lithuanian who stopped him in the worlds next so that should be a tasty affair.
1 - 7 of 70 Posts
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