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2012 Olympic Boxing. Day 2

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Evening session starting in a moment, SKY channel 460

Lightweights & welterweights today. Full schedule..


Fred Evans on at 4.15, Josh Taylor due on at 8.30
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Well, yesterday I was on a mission to record all of the olympic boxing... Set my sights on taking over the tv for the duration of the olympic boxing... Yesterday was a big day for boxing in general, which saw me get the first two olympic sessions recorded then I stayed up to get the boxnation event recorded, I was then thinking great I'll get a few hours sleep and be awake in time for the next olympic session this afternoon.

It's not went to that plan at all - I've literally just woke up about 5 minutes ago. And my sky+ box has failed to record. to say I'm not happy is about right. but I have two options left. I could just record Freddie Evans fight at 4ish? or just scrap this entire session and tape the next session later tonight?

Normally, I wouldn't care about Amateur Boxing but this past year on boxnation I've been exposed to the world of amateur boxing and have recorded, the AIBA finals, World Series of Boxing, Haringey Box Cup etc... and most importantly I've really enjoyed watching them as the view was that several winners of these tournaments would then go on to appear at the olympics. So, this is like the pinnacle of the sport and I've missed this afternoons part of it. gutted I am! gutted!
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@davez i wouldn't be too guttered, this afternoons boxing has been rather dull, a couple of decent fights but mainly one sided affairs with one boxer generally either being too talented or too experienced. I'm hoping it picks up from here when the crowd gets hyper for Evans coming on.
Cheers Chatty, I am one of these people that is generally gutted when something I was striving to do doesn't quite go to plan (in this case it was to record ALL of the olympic fights). Looking at the results cards on the olympics website your views are spot on as it does look one sided in a lot of the bouts.

I suppose the most important thing from a british point of view is to get all of our fighters journeys from the starting rounds right through the competition. I'm on course for that now having set the dvd to record so feel slightly better as I've not missed a british fighters fight so far.
it is but I don't think you're able to download from iplayer?... I missed the first 9 fights from the first session that started at 1:25pm. I have a DVD fight library that contains all the boxing events on UKTV from the past 2-3 years that I've been recording. I was wanting to record all of the olympic fights. but alas it's not to be! unless there's a way to get the fights I've missed.
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