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2012 Olympic Boxing. Day 2

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Evening session starting in a moment, SKY channel 460

Lightweights & welterweights today. Full schedule..


Fred Evans on at 4.15, Josh Taylor due on at 8.30
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Hes not bad in the amateur system, really is poor to watch though. He wont make a good pro and I dont think he will go pro.
I hope not :lol:

Sloppy as hell and has the Leeds United defence.

I'm still impressed with the quality of the action though.... a few good future pros are in action.
Mai Maitituersun (CHN) vs Zamkovoy (RUS)

RUS looks composed & accurate, CHN seems decent but not as classy. Close 1st round. 5-4 RUS
More action in the 2nd, good start by CHN but strong replies from RUS. Good, technical contest. 11-9 RUS
RUS scoring early & CHN taking risks, trying to fight back. Check hook by CHN! RUS picking off some classy single shots. 16-11 RUS
Ahmed (IRQ) vs Lusizi (RSA)

IRQ trying hard but neither guy seems very good. IRQ literally running around after the taller RSA :lol: 6-4 RSA
Not the best quality fight but still watchable. RSA measuring his shots better but IRQ still coming forward. 12-8 RSA
RSA starting to flap a bit under the pressure but responds well. Good effort by IRQ who qualified by invitation. 17-13 RSA
Maestre Perez (VEN) vs Ghasemi Pour (IRI)

VEN seems sharp with a snappy jab. Nice left hook from VEN as well, he looks pretty good. 4-2 VEN
VEN still boxing well, mobile, accurate & good handspeed. Good exchange near the end of the 2nd. IRI is strong & keeps coming. 9-5 VEN
Crowd cheering that mad woman who keeps screaming. VEN trying to stay out of danger but IRI is making him work. 13-8 VEN
Overall very impressed by the quality of boxing so far and pleased wuth the Irish team. Nolan should never turn professional EVER though.:lol:
I hope not :lol:

Sloppy as hell and has the Leeds United defence.

I'm still impressed with the quality of the action though.... a few good future pros are in action.
TBH Nolan kind of came from nowhere over the last year or two. He was an unknown, even in Ireland before he won the last couple of national championships.

Anyways, decent day of fights again I agree. We'll be left with mostly quality fighters and fights after he first round anyways, its weird how many boxers qualify for the games when superior fighters are left back at home. Guess it all depends on your qualification routes and a bit of luck though.

Looking forward to seeing a few of the heavier weight classes in action soon.
Suzuki (JPN) vs Khalsi (MAR)

JPN looks quite tidy, upright & maintaining distance. MAR having very little joy. 5-5 (??)
JPN calm & in control, MAR scoring more often towards the end. 9-8 MAR (?)
3rd round begins at a higher tempo, JPN working hard but leaky guard is letting shots through. 14-13 JPN
I liked Suzuki's headbutt to the groin in that 3rd round :lol:

(No ****)
Maestre was impressive. Tell ya what theres money to be made in this if you know amateur boxing well, unfortunately I don't. Maestre v that Iranian with no footwork was a no brainer within 30 seconds of viewing.
it is but I don't think you're able to download from iplayer?... I missed the first 9 fights from the first session that started at 1:25pm. I have a DVD fight library that contains all the boxing events on UKTV from the past 2-3 years that I've been recording. I was wanting to record all of the olympic fights. but alas it's not to be! unless there's a way to get the fights I've missed.
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