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2012 Olympic Boxing. Day 8

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Light-fly, light-welter & light-heavy R16 today.

Tom Stalker in action tonight, :frog
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Decent enough performance from paddy, has to improve now though to go any farther.
:lol: at the Indian land windmilling across the ring.
The Indian lad upsetting the Mongolian is good for Paddy Barnes, the Mongolian would have been tricky as hell.
Looking forward to seeing Stalker. This Indian lad that hes fighting is no push over, even though Stalker beat him before it was a close enough fight, and should be another solid test for him.
Stalker is defensively very open at times, could cost him against higher opposition. He boxed alright for his first fight though, just needs to improve on this.
Taylor will have to dominate Jonas to win by a single point.

War Katie! :ibutt
1 - 6 of 28 Posts
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