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2012 Olympic Boxing. Day 8

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Light-fly, light-welter & light-heavy R16 today.

Tom Stalker in action tonight, :frog
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Stalker showing some skill, but then getting hit too much on the inside, really wide scoring now, no way on earth is there a 7 point difference so far
Not a robbery, but Stalker should never have been as far ahead as he was at the start of the 3rd.
Does anyone know the starting time for Bravo in LHW division?
Stalker is defensively very open at times, could cost him against higher opposition. He boxed alright for his first fight though, just needs to improve on this.
Generous scoring again, the Indian lad worked really hard for little reward. Stalker looked flat & tired very quickly.
What the fuck's with this bullshit judging? No way is Bravo down by four after Round 1.
Well in Natasha Jonas, my mates cousin
Taylor will have to dominate Jonas to win by a single point.

War Katie! :ibutt
21 - 28 of 28 Posts
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