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50 Cent: Boxing promoter

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Lots of rumours about him getting a license with Floyd Mayweather Jnr, Andre Dirrell and Yuriokis Gamboa being the first three boxers under the banner. That's a pretty impressive start but what will the fall out be. TR and GBP already barely do any business together and if GBP fall out with TNT (the supposed promotion name) over the Floyd signing then it may end up making more difficulties in quality match-making.

Any thoughts on this?
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Hope they try and make fight with both Top rank and Goldenboy but with their record with Mayweather I'd doubt it. I can't see it taking off. Mayweather fights once a year, same with Dirrell. Gamboa has had more contracts than I've had dinners when I think about it and every promoter seems to have problems with him. Will be interesting to see how it starts out see who they get in and who leaves the other big promoters. On paper 3 quality names to start out with but its basically 3 shows a year the way those three are working these days.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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