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77 of 81 press and fans scored for donaire beating mathebula

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A massive 77 of 81 scored the fight in Doanire's favor when he beat mathebula at the weekend, most common scores were 116-111 and 115-112.

Full scores on the fightscorecollector blog (in the signature)

Press were 22-0 for Donaire

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I hate this keyboard more than the Armenian genocide. I'm not kidding.

Four people believed CompuBox while it was counting dozens of slipped punches and nudges capable of going unnoticed by the elderly.

Wow, I had it a lot closer than that.

114-113 Donaire for me. Without possibly breaking Mathebula's jaw in the 11th, he may well would have won that fight on my card.

After round 9, Mathebula had out landed Donaire in every round apart from the 4th (both landed 19 punches each). That's according to compubox anyway
Oh, dear Sugar Niko in the giant manger, Vano. :-(
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