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7th July - Fight Night Reaction

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What do we think of Kell Brook now? Stronger for the gut-check, or did it show flaws?

Can Gavin Rees win a world title?

Proksa vs Barker?

Does Eubank take too many punches? Or is he being matched hard early on?

Which awful opponent will Fury face next?

Your thoughts. :think
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It was the perfect fight for Brook. I feel he was starting to believe all the hype surrounding him and thought he would easily beat Jones in there tonight, maybe that lead to him cutting a few corners in his preparation? Most fighters would have lost that fight in Kell's position tonight but it showed great courage and true fighting spirit that he was able to hang on for the victory and that will only benefit him in the future when the situation arises again.

Rees IMO can't win a world title, he would give it a good go but I just don't think he has the stamina or the skills to beat an elite fighter at LW.

Fury needs a big step up in class, he has a lot of ability but fighting at this level is doing nothing for his career and may actually hinder him in the long run. Personally I'd like to see him in with someone like Johnathon Banks which would offer a tough challenge but not a top 15 fighter as I don't feel he is quite ready to break into that group yet. Although knowing Mick it will probably be someone poor.

As for Eubank I just don't see it I really don't, he just seems to lack any basic defence and can't seem to establish a jab to allow him to put his punches together and establish a rhythm. Once he faces a puncher at MW it will be lights out for him if he doesn't seriously refine his technique.

Proksa was impressive tonight and boxed like he should have done the first night. IMO though he needs a change of trainer to sort out his defence which is pretty much non existent in there, he seems to rely solely on reflexes when defending against opponents which is all very well when facing Kerry Hope, but the higher level fighter will punish him for that and he wouldn't stand a chance if he boxes like that. On tonight's performance I would give Barker the slight edge although I think Proksa is the more talented boxer
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There's talk that Rees will get his world title shot at the vacant WBA title on the Froch undercard in October :happy
That bill is going to be quality if that is true because Brook V Saldivia is on the undercard too
Has Saldivia signed up to that, do you know? Hearn seems happy, but he has form for sounding pretty certain pretty early, I think he uses it as a negotiating tactic!
Not yet but just going by what Hearn was saying he seems pretty confident, but as you say may be fake confidence
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