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7th July - Fight Night Reaction

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What do we think of Kell Brook now? Stronger for the gut-check, or did it show flaws?

Can Gavin Rees win a world title?

Proksa vs Barker?

Does Eubank take too many punches? Or is he being matched hard early on?

Which awful opponent will Fury face next?

Your thoughts. :think
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Wasn't impressed with brook tonight, he has the skill but really made a meal out of the fight and let Jones into a fight he shouldn't have been in. When he buzzed him early he was stepping back and not punishing him. When he hurt him late he was getting in too close and not getting the shots of he needed to. His early showing was good but when Jones put pressure on, as much as he showed good heart, he didn't deal with it as a world class operator should.

Either way he has one of the easier belt holders at the weight but bailey could do some serious damage to him as he hits twice as hard as Jones does and Alexander would be a terrible style match up for us to watch so i hope Bailey pulls it off.

Rees was good when he wanted to be but sat off Matthews too much early, not sure which world titlist he would get but I'd fancy DeMarco, Broner and Vasquez to do a number on him.

Proksa did what he should have done the first time. Good display but still questions surrounding him after the first fight.

Couldn't watch the other cards so ill see what I make out of them tomorrow.
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I do agree Gaz and I hope he has learnt a lesson from this as I feel he has what it takes to compete at world level. there may have been stamina problems but at points he looked very lethargic and didn't cope with the pressure as you feel a guy of his talent should do.

He hasn't really been in a fight like that before so I suppose its better he learns now than against an opponent who could really punish him but kell and his team need to have a look at what they didn't do well tonight and make sure he is better prepared in the future.

if that was bailey in there tonight I have no doubt he wouldn't have made it to the final bell.
yeah the corner was poor, no real advise on how he should turn the fight back in his favour.

The thing that got me was that in the first six he showed that he was far superior technically and let Jones stamp his foot into the fight. its not like he was caught with a massive shot that turned the tide, it was more to do with a badly strategized gameplan and stamina problems. Things that should have been taken care of really. i didn't like the fact that for 2-3 rounds he looked like he had no idea how to cope with the tide turning either and was very lethargic at times.

Still though he got through it and once he did start landing some nice shots again near the end he looked a bit more composed (last round aside). I think it will be beneficial to his progress as a fighter though so all in all it isn't so bad and its not like he won a dodgy decision, he just had a very bad mid fight blip.
Nonito Doniare:

The little shit cost me 135 quid by not winning by KO. I've not seen the fight, but I've instantly gone off the man :lol:
I like him even more now, didn't have time to get to the bookies and him not winning by KO was the pick I got wrong yesterday. Saved me a few quid.
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