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7th July - Fight Night Reaction

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What do we think of Kell Brook now? Stronger for the gut-check, or did it show flaws?

Can Gavin Rees win a world title?

Proksa vs Barker?

Does Eubank take too many punches? Or is he being matched hard early on?

Which awful opponent will Fury face next?

Your thoughts. :think
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Kell looked fantastic offensively for first half of the fight, Jones made him look good in some part walking in straight lines but Brook was boxing extremely well to his credit. Problem was he was being made to fight at a pace, he started to fight close the ropes and the worrying thing was how quickly he went from top class to near on out on his feet gassed. It was far to quick, something clearly isn't right there with his stamina...

But my biggest gripe isn't with Kell it's with his shambles of a corner tonight who could of cost him bigtime, He showed bottle even nicked a round or two late on IMO due to boxing off back foot and kept his calm as much as her could while facing adversity and what looked to be a broken nose. The corner were in complete disarray. Shouting, no clear advice, more time spent shouting for a towel and water. Poor prep in between rounds and that's not what any fighter needs when facing his first real challenge at pro level.
Aston got stopped lads, As BA said he traded and got PIF.
1 - 2 of 65 Posts
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