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7th July - Fight Night Reaction

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What do we think of Kell Brook now? Stronger for the gut-check, or did it show flaws?

Can Gavin Rees win a world title?

Proksa vs Barker?

Does Eubank take too many punches? Or is he being matched hard early on?

Which awful opponent will Fury face next?

Your thoughts. :think
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Bit of both for Brook. Showed a fighting spirit that can't be taught but at the same time didn't convincingly answer the questions whether he was ready for the cream of the division. In the post fight interview Eddie Hearn seemed to be favouring taking another fight at a similar level to Jones and thats probably the right move IMHO.
True Cam. At least now Brook can be under no illusions what its going to take to make the next step up. Its up to him whether he's willing and able to do that.
A lot of those faults in the second half of the fight Chatty were probably down to stamina rather than technical issues. They are still a problem but maybe solved by hard work rather than back to the drawing board problems.
A problem with the welterweight is that, as it stands, you have Kell Brook, then the proven world class fighters and then the best 2 fighters in the division!;)
Yeah, I saw that in corner Mand. Very poor, even when the equipment was there on time the advice was still a bit lacking.
Yep, Chatty. He's been lucky and had a wake up call but still won the fight.
1 - 6 of 65 Posts
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