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7th July - Fight Night Reaction

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What do we think of Kell Brook now? Stronger for the gut-check, or did it show flaws?

Can Gavin Rees win a world title?

Proksa vs Barker?

Does Eubank take too many punches? Or is he being matched hard early on?

Which awful opponent will Fury face next?

Your thoughts. :think
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Rees already won a world title in the past, and seems to be a better fighter at this stage of his career. So,'s not out of the question that he can get another title on his resume, depending on who he faces.

Jones is all kinds of tough, and is precisely the kind of bull-strong swarmer that Brook was going to have to face at some point. Provided Brook isn't too shaken up by this gut check, he should be better for the experience.

Barker did quite wel against a much better southpaw in Martinez, and was in the fight until his eardrum was perforated. I think he'll do well against Proksa.
1 - 1 of 65 Posts
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