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A defence of Mick Hennessy

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Mick Hennessy is a name that will often evoke some harsh reactions amongst boxing fans often derided as "Fat Mick" he is a man who many believe nearly squandered the career of Carl Froch. He has been constantly berated for his poor promotion.

I feel that this is an unfair criticism and would like to state the claim that Hennessy is one of our best promoters.

This may be an impassioned response as it was watching Fight Nights on ITV4 that got me into regularly watching boxing and converting me from a casual to a hardcore fan and for this I am ever grateful.

The primary charge I see leveled at Mick is that he "ruined" Frochs mainstream career and was a poor promoter not getting Froch the exposure that is star deserved. I think this is harsh as Carl's rise to prominence coincided with the start of the recession and the ultimate end of Hennessys terrestrial contract. Before this however he had delivered Froch in a FOTY candidate at primetime on ITV. This apparently was not enough to save his contract. He then placed Froch in at the deep end in the US against Taylor, before getting him a place in the S6 not bad promotion if I say so myself. The fact he was blacklisted from Sky should not be held as a mark against him. When inferior shows and headliners were fighting whilst Froch was banished to Primetime.

Hennessy had at one time Froch, Barker, Fury, Witter, Murray all in his stable. Those that have left have gone onto big fights however I dont think any of those would have been void of the same opportunities under Hennessy.

I think his prospect matchmaking is very good if you look at Froch, Fury and more recently Eubank he rarely puts fighters in matches that dont demonstrate some sort of progression. His ability to bounce back with a terrestrial tv deal despite these setbacks demonstrates he is a survivor I am in no doubt that. Fury, Degale and Galahad will all get big fights in 2013.... on terrestrial tv.

Mick Hennessy I salute you!
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Some solids points their Mark. Kinda of left speechless :yep
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