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A premonition of the tragic death of jimmy Doyle !

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One sad moment I experienced as a boxing fan when I was growing up was the tragic death of a great young welterweight boxer named
Jimmy Doyle ,who died after being kod by Welterweight Ray Robinson on June 25, 1947...jimmy Doyle, born Delaney, was a great boxer
who for a time was mentored by Jack Johnson, copying Jack Johnson's style of defensive boxing...Jimmy Doyle was going great guns til
his fight with a neighbor of mine Artie Levine who KO'd Jimmy Doyle on March 11, 1946,after hurting the lighter Jimmy Doyle badly...
After the ko Jimmy Doyle was put in an ambulance and taken to St. Vincent Charity Hospital in Cleveland where he recuperated, so it appeared...
About a short time before Jimmy Doyle was matched with Ray Robinson, I saw a PALE, sickly looking Doyle train at Stillman's gym in New York..
He just didn't look right and when I got home I told my dad about how devoid of color Jimmy Doyle looked...Well soon after on June 25, 1947
Ray Robinson knocked out Jimmy Doyle, and Jimmy Doyle was rushed to the same hospital that he went to after Doyle was kod by Artie Levine
one year before, St. Vincent Charity Hospital, where he still unconscious, died at the young age of 23 years...He was a walking dead man after the Levine ko
and his death saddened me so much...
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