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A small note from CHB superstar scrappylinks

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Apart from the pain in my sternum caused by my heart trying to escape; how good does it feel to have a night of boxing with 0 bullshit? I think the closest you come to bullshit was the stoppage in the Maidana fight and that was only slightly British.

I wish Boxing was like this every week. It'd be the number 1 sport in the world. You can't beat that 12th round for drama.

PS Sergio is a fucking G. Straight up out on his feet and he's still in there throwing combinations like an explosion in a punch factory right to the end. Hardcore warrior.
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Ross beat Hernandez. That decision was bullshit.

Also I need more sleep. That's also bullshit.
Oh yeah, I didn't watch that fight. Plus if it happens at cruiserweight does it really happen in real life?

You're right.

You are a superstar.
Thanks mate.
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