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Abner Mares vs Ponce de Leon this weekend

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Anyone looking forward to this one? I think it's a good matchup and a decent test for Mares.

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Yeah this is an awesome fight. Was a big Mares fan until the Agbeko debacle, but he's gone back up in my estimations due to beating Moreno.:yep Always been a massive Ponce fan, his story is crazy.

Ever since DPDL underwent that refinement post-Juanma he hasn't been extremely exciting or anything - well not to the degree he was previously anyways - but he's become much more effective and more of an all-rounder. Gamboa is probably his only legitimate loss since then. He operates like he's stuck in quicksand, but he's much more patient, picks his shots better and definitely utilises a broader ranger of punches. Granted it's no Barrera-esque turnaround, but he's more complete and nowhere near as basic as he once was.

I'm hoping they'll meet head-on and we won't have an anti-climax reminiscent of Ponce-Gonzalez. Mares is quick enough at closing down range to force Ponce into fighting at close-quarters anyways, but he's versatile enough to not rely on that.
Gamboa is probably his only legitimate loss since then..
Hmm, might have to edit this looking back at it. Don't want it used against me in the future or anything.

1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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