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Abraham vs Bute

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Absolutely no chance this happens any time soon, but how would it go? Would Bute get back to his boxing and outwork Abe? Or does the German/Arminian land the one jab to knock Bute into next week?
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A year ago, I would have slapped myself for saying this, but I actually think Abe could be him. Bute will try to move and throw loads of punches while Abe covers up, but in reality, if he is hit once with that right hand, it really is good night.

I think I'll say Bute via wide UD. Froch showed even he could outbox Abe for every minute of every round, and I think Lucy does the same. But when he starts to tire, damn it would be interesting
I'm pretty confident in putting Bute in the 'weak chin' category tbh. It's not just that he was battered and stopped by Froch, but he was fucked against Andrade, and was even shaken up by Magee (in the 4th or 5th IIRC). I'm not convinced at all that he can take Abe's right. He could outbox him tho.
If the fight goes the distance then Bute all day long, his movement and angles would be to much. After the Froch demolition I don't think he will make the mistake of standing in front of his opponent and going back to the ropes. Also there has to now be major question marks over his punch resistance, Froch seemed to shake him up with every right hand he threw. If Abraham lands a clean shot on his chin then Bute just like pretty much anyone goes to sleep. I just question what King Arthur has left, after his last fight I'd say very little. He's no longer a menacing proposition and has lost his air of invincibility.
I don't think Bute laid on the ropes vs Froch. I think he was pushed back and he didn't have the ability to get off them
1 - 4 of 18 Posts
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