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Abraham vs Bute

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Absolutely no chance this happens any time soon, but how would it go? Would Bute get back to his boxing and outwork Abe? Or does the German/Arminian land the one jab to knock Bute into next week?
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Steilgitz has been knocked out twice by ordinary competiton, and he took Abraham right hand all night. Don't think Bute deserve's the reputation of a glassed chinned fighter just yet. Froch destroyed him, but Carl was a man on a mission that night :good
When I look at Stieglitz, Abraham and Bute, I think the least of them is still a good fighter. There's always more of a rush to put a fighter down when he fails to get the W than to credit his opponent for beating a good fighter, it seems. Abraham and Bute have only lost to high caliber names. Stieglitz did get stopped by two decent fighters with a punch but I think he matured since that time also. I haven't watched him that closely. Anyway, I'd favour Bute in this one. I don't think Abraham can do what Froch did, but that also might have been the beginning of the end for Bute, and he may not need to do anything close to that to take him. Sometimes it only takes one of those to ruin a guy. As the TS said, it's not like the fight will be happening in the foreseeable future, but it's an interesting one, at least.
I'll go with Abraham out of bias. Always liked him.
Aye, I hear you. The smurf thing really won him the keys to my chastity belt. :hey Now, if only he'd just use them.
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1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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