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Accompaniments to a great night of boxing

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To me there are 3 different boxing TV experiences:

1. The Boxing marathon
This is the domestic show followed by the American bill. You need to regulate your alcohol intake and have planned caffeine and sugar rushes. I usually start with a nice meal (curry/chinese with wine/beer then go on to the coffee once the English bill has finised

2. The Big Domestic bill
This is when you can binge on boxing food and booze without worrying about dozing off before the main event - a perfect night for example was the Rogan v Skelton card which was on the same night as the Degale debut. I had strong cider, salt & vineger peanuts after a large kebab. I watch a Sky card live with an ITV4 card mixed in with Sky+. great night

3. The breakfast show (Sky+ American bill)
This is more common now as I can no longer sit up through the night due to age, kids etc. I Sky+ the bill and then get up early on a Sunday morning and enjoy with fruit juice, my pint tea mug, cereal and bacon sarnies.

No.1 is rare these days, but however boxing still has the buzz it always has
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Back home because of work it was:

British only: Sky+, take home a massive pizza/garlic bread and a few peronis. Watch it as soon as I got in.
US card with a shit British card: Finish work, go out, get ratted, house 'party' for the US card. Sky+ UK.
Good British and US card: Straight home with scran, watch the British on Sky+, then Xbox until US card. Nearly always alone.

Pizza and Peroni = done.

Now its:

Big British card: go out, get wrecked come home for about 2am, stream the fights.
UK + US: No boxing on Sat. Wake up around 10am Sunday morning, stream the US card live. Download the UK card after. Its weird watching a live card in Vegas at Sunday lunchtime.
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