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Broner vs Rees

Adrien Broner vs Gavin Rees gets 1.4 million viewers on HBO

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Eddie Hearn: "If you look good in a big fight on HBO, you can get another big fight on HBO even if you lose."

Another, dinosaur-esque promoter: "Why would you want to fight on HBO when you can fight on BoxNation?"
Broner trolling everyone :lol:

"Even the mic is taller than you"
is it me or does gavin look shook and overawed by the situation??? hands in his pocket and not looking up, not confident... the upset doesnt look like its gonna happen :-(
Don't think that makes any difference at all.
if a fighter or any sportsman isnt confident, it inhibits them from being free and letting their game flow... at first when gavin had his hands in his hoodie pocket looking down thought he was little overawed and half beaten already, hes never had a press conference with all them reporters and cameras, but when he started i changed my mind, he actually sounded quite confident...
I just don't think you can read too much into body language before a fight. I think Rees could win though, he's definitely underrated.

WAR Cabin Fever. :bbb
"If the digits is right then make the fight" :lol:
"That's the same Kotelnik, incidentally, who chased Amir Khan for 12 solid rounds and only lost because Khan was a better sprinter than the Ukrainian was a hunter."

:lol: True.

That's a good article.
Yeah he is much better as a writer. He's good as a pundit as well it's just when he's given the lead role he can get a little annoying.
Rees should walk to the ring dressed as this:

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Gavin Rees is doing a live web chat in 10 minutes on here -

Apparently Steve Bruce thinks Rees has a decent chance.

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The Rock has definitely won the Event so far.

There were some verbals outside the hotel after the presser, Broner got all flustered dropped and smashed his phone and called his chauffeur to pick him up.

Gavin, Lockett and Renzo were there pissing themselves.

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