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Broner vs Rees

Adrien Broner vs Gavin Rees gets 1.4 million viewers on HBO

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Should have been Burns.

Can't wait to see Rees expose this hype job.
According to Billy Nelson it was Burns' choice not to take the fight, not Warren's.
Wow, hope Ricky has a good reason.
If Cleverly turned down a Dawson, Hopkins or Shumenov fight in this fashion I would no longer be a fan. I am a Burns supporter, but it's saddening to think that he turned it down because he felt like he couldn't win. Test yourself. I've not heard from Ricky himself, so this is merely based on what I can surmise from various sources but it just looks like he completely bottled it.
I don't think you would be able to tell even if he was with that accent.
I've been told I sound like a slightly less retarded Gavin Rees. What do you reckon?

I reckon Gavin will give a good account of himself, much like @Danny said earlier, I wouldn't be surprised to see a Barker-Martinez type affair. A spirited effort, with some success, but ultimately outclassed.

I'm a fan of Rees and he is underrated in relation to his domestic equivalents, would love him to win, but I'm struggling to see it myself. Broner gets a late stoppage.
Changing my pick, Rees to win by KO. I'm going to go stick a few quid on.
Broner is a duck-arsed little ******.
Hearn just tweeted...

For those asking, @gavtherock will ringwalk anywhere between 3.45 and 4.30am depending on the distance of the Bika fight
Nice one. I don't want to stay up later than 5, but I reckon the Bika fight will go the distance.
1 - 10 of 135 Posts
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