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Broner vs Rees

Adrien Broner vs Gavin Rees gets 1.4 million viewers on HBO

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Ultimately I think Rees gets outclassed in a way similar to Barker against Sexy Serg. Broner is the truth and will probably win nearly every round before stopping Rees around 8/9 IMO. But I don't think Rees will embarrass himself or look out of his depth at all, and he may get another title shot somewhere down the line after this.
According to Billy Nelson it was Burns' choice not to take the fight, not Warren's.
Wonder if it was more Ricky's or more Alex Morrison's. Interesting nonetheless. It's not looking good from his side all this, but I'll give them the benefit of the doubt one last time that after December's debacle and 6 months out of the ring, they just want another fight in January before looking at possibly the May 4th date.

If he doesn't fight Broner sometime in the spring or summer then well, we'll know exactly who's ducking who. Unless Broner moves up to 140 after Rees because he's tired of chasing Burns, in which case Ricky had his chance and I can't exactly blame Broner and Golden Boy.

I'd like to see Broner in with Burns and Vazquez before moving up though. Plenty of time, he's still young, still relatively inexperienced, still progressing and new to this sort of level and the big fights at 140 like Garcia and Khan are going nowhere for the time being.
Wow, hope Ricky has a good reason.
Is not wanting to get knocked out and lose your belt a good enough reason?

He has bigger fish to fry anyway:

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I thought Barker fought a decent fight against Sergio. I had it 95-95 at the time of the stoppage myself.
I always disagree with this to be honest. I'll have to go back and watch it again but I thought he was way down on the cards at the time of the stoppage, just didn't lose any rounds big and had his moments and didn't look out his depth. I didn't think it was at all close on the cards, though.
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