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Alfredo Angulo

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Where does he go next? Are there any rumours about yet?
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Fighting Delvin Rodriguez next on Khan undercard. Good fight to see where he is and how much the Kirkland beating/the layoff have taken out of him.
That's actually a pretty good fight
Cheers Baj. What's Rodriguez like? Any good? He has a bit of an odd record.
Check out the first Pawel Wolak fight. Wolak suffered one of the worst eye injures I've ever seen

And he probably should have won
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Yeah it's pretty brutal. Good fight as well
I watched that fight, boys eye is messed up! He retired after that didn't he?
Na he retired after the rematch (was on the Cotto - Margo 2 undercard I think). He was planning on going into MMA also. Nice guy is Wolak, fun style to watch. Kicked Yuri Foreman's arse better than Cotto did IMO
1 - 4 of 20 Posts
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