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Alfredo Angulo

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Where does he go next? Are there any rumours about yet?
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Fighting Delvin Rodriguez next on Khan undercard. Good fight to see where he is and how much the Kirkland beating/the layoff have taken out of him.
Cheers Baj. What's Rodriguez like? Any good? He has a bit of an odd record.
Check out the first Pawel Wolak fight. Wolak suffered one of the worst eye injures I've ever seen

And he probably should have won
Fuck me!
Gonna watch it and score it now.
He's a pretty good fighter and one of the more unfortunate dudes in boxing. Loses to Hlatshwayo and Theophane were robberies in my opinion and many feel he got the short end of the stick against Jackiewicz too. Had an awesome fight with Pawel Wolak and then beat him in a tad less mental rematch. I think the initial war might have taken a bit out of him though because he looked pretty listless against Austin Trout, not to take anything away from Trout or suggest that Rodriguez would've won anyways, but y'know. Good fighter though, solid boxer-puncher that's just below "world-class" and makes for some good fights. Better than some of his results insinuate I think.

Wasn't even aware he was fighting Angulo, 'tis a good match-up.
That's a sweet breakdown, much appreciated.

Been watching some of him today. Looks alright. Seems to do most things well enough but doesn't do anything amazingly if you know what I mean.

Sure I watched him on the Tarver-Kayode undercard. Can't remember much other than being impressed by Trout and the way he won.
Dan Rafael ‏@danrafaelespn
Contrary to popular rumor, Alfredo Angulo is NOT fighting Delvin Rodriguez on the Dec. 15 @SHOsports card. #boxing

I hope he's still fighting around that date.
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