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Alfredo Angulo

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Where does he go next? Are there any rumours about yet?
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Cheers Baj. What's Rodriguez like? Any good? He has a bit of an odd record.
He's quite skillful, got a good jab and a solid straight right which he pumps out from a good range. I mean he absolutely schooled Wolak the second time round, it was like a bullfight except the bull was getting punished a lot. Retired Wolak didn't it? He's quite clearly a cut below the top class though, Trout who may or may not be 'all that' dealt with him pretty easily, I had it 116-112 and it was only that close because of the clash of styles where neither really wanted to commit to throwing a lot or getting stuck in.

Delvin's got a good chin and finds the range well, if he's got a very good performance in him he could beat Angulo, that's not an easy fight for the Mexican. Then again I'd expect Angulo at his best to knock Rodriguez out, although if he's sup bar he could find himself on the wrong end of a UD.
Na he retired after the rematch (was on the Cotto - Margo 2 undercard I think). He was planning on going into MMA also. Nice guy is Wolak, fun style to watch. Kicked Yuri Foreman's arse better than Cotto did IMO
That's right he beat the piss out of Foreman, really just mauled him up close and battered him silly. I think Foreman's style and his lack of power massively favoured Wolak's seek and destroy style, but yes he did him in a lot worse than Cotto did.
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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