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Did Khan show any noticeable improvements against "Carlos Molina"?

Amir Khan: improved or not?

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I just posted this in the rbr and thought the topic probably deserves a thread of it's own.

Khan looked exactly the same to me. I didn't really notice any improvements at all to be honest. He made all the same mistakes where he just flurries with shots and leaves himself wide open. Just this time he was up against a smaller and not very good (but tough) guy. If he was against a Maidana, Peterson or Garcia (hell maybe even Prescott still) I think Khan would've lost last night.

But it was his first fight back since a big KO loss and he's only had one training camp with Virgil Hunter. So perhaps there's still time to iron out the flaws but I'm not convinced.

Unfortunately I think he'll lose badly again within the next 2 or 3 fights (unless he's kept away from the top competition which I doubt).
Do you think Amir Khan made any noticeable improvements in his win over "Carlos Molina" last night?
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I havent watched it yet but its going to be hard to tell as Molina doesn't look like a world class fighter. In fact he drew with someone with a 4-5-3 (or there abouts) record last year.

People love to jump on things but I doubt he's going to turn into superman after one camp anyway. I said this when he first joined Hunter and I'm sticking to it. He'll have 2-3 good fights, maybes another B-level guy and then maybes get revenge against Peterson/Garcia (if he sticks to a gameplan) and then he'll get cocky again, get dragged into a war and get brutally Ko'd.

Matthysee will destroy him.
Garcia has a good chance to stop him again.
Rios would be a nightmare for him.
Alvarado would give him a long night.

Very tough division for him. Even the guys just under them like Ajose, Allakhverdiev, Guzman, Holt etc could be very tough fights.

Nevertheless, at least he has plenty of exciting fights to choose from. if I were him I'd try and get the two rematches and then move up to 147 where there are less punchers.
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