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Amir Khan vs "Carlos Molina"

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Amir Khan to fight a 'Carlos Molina' in December

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He just confirmed it on SoccerAM.

WTF is this about? Molina is one of the best Light Middles on the planet. Surely he'll be too big? Surely has to be at Welter
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Correction, it's not THAT Molina. It's a 17-0 lightweight.
Even his backroom team wouldn't be that stupid to put him in with the real Molina
Khan: I could have taken an easy opponent, but I wanted to get back in with the big boys.

Yeah, by fighting an opponent who draw with the guy Crolla beat in Vegas
Carlos Molina EVT1 Carlos Molina

He even managed to EVT twitter
He should fight Jose Miguel Cotto after this.

Then even ray Robinson!!!
I started celebrating as soon as I saw the thread title. Bastard.
:lol: sorry mate. When I read the news, I started celebrating too
1 - 7 of 33 Posts
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