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Amir Khan vs "Carlos Molina"

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Amir Khan to fight a 'Carlos Molina' in December

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He just confirmed it on SoccerAM.

WTF is this about? Molina is one of the best Light Middles on the planet. Surely he'll be too big? Surely has to be at Welter
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:lol: He had me fooled there for a minute as well.

Amir: "Yeah we're gonna be fighting Carlos Molina"
Me: "wtf?"
Amir: "He's unbeaten"
Me: "Oooooh a different Carlos Molina."

Thee Carlos Molina would be interesting. This Carlos Melina.. meh.

Carlos Molina.
Is this going to be Amir's new way of putting himself over, looking for names of top boxers who aren;t the real deal.

Amir: I beat Mayweather, Pacquaio and Klitchschko

Whoever: yeah but they only had a record of 3-98 betweent them versions
He should fight Jose Miguel Cotto after this.
Change the thread title to "Amir Khan to fight a Carlos Molina in December"
1 - 4 of 33 Posts
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