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Who you got tonight Pab?
I'm going with Khan, though the closer his fights approach the more skeptical I am when I've picked him to win. He's not exactly the most consistent of fighters.

I don't really rate Garcia all that much though. His last three fights have been his most important and for me he just seems a solid fringe-level operator. Then again I felt the same way pre-Peterson.:yep I could see him getting overwhelmed from Khan's persistent flurries and maybe getting stopped controversially at some point. I don't think he's one to really counter in between the punches of someone as quick as Khan, and as far as I'm aware he's never displayed any real offensive nouse in terms of cutting the ring off. Not that it's really necessary against Khan's poor footwork, but I don't even think he has it in him to be as relentless as Peterson was.

So yeah. After some nonsensical rambling, I think Khan will win, but I'm not sure how.:conf
1 - 20 of 392 Posts
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