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Amir Khan's team gives away tickets for vs Molina bout!

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Article from the mail.

Big draw Amir in America where your fights are so exiting, nobody even wants a FREE TICKET.

Bring toys in exchange for a ticket!

Rather have me toys.

Say bye bye to GBP shortly Amir I think...Not going well is it right now for "King Khan".

What you make of it lads, is it Molina or is it everyone in the states is wise to Khan like we are (fully sighted people) over here in gods country.?
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Here, them 99p selection boxes with a fudge and a milky way,chomp and a freddo, you know them shady ones you get in newsagents an that.

Id be in two minds, to wrap one of them up and blag em for a ticket, rather have the milky way goodness I reckon.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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