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an eyewitness memory of marciano v carmen vingo

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this is a video from an old friend of mine who lives in new york and is a big boxing fan, he has posted a series of videos on youtube recalling memories of fights he was at...he would have been a regular at madison sqaure garden fights
i am trying to get him to join up here because i think some of his memories would be appreciated by some of you....for me it is priceless listening to someone who was actually reading some of JG's or burts posts.

anyway...he was there the night of the almost tragic fight between marciano and carmine vingo and this is a memory he posted on youtube from it...thought i'd throw it out here..

vingo was seriously hurt in that fight and spend a long time in a come....after the fight rocky went straight to the nearest church and prayed

carmen vingo after marciano

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must have been such amazing nights in the garden back then burt....i'd pay serious money just for a meory of it :)

when i went to new york a couple of years ago, myself and her indoors stayed at the new yorker hotel...sure you know it burt...across the road from where MSG is now, but i know the garden is a different location now from the golden days....but, when ali fought frazier there in 71 he stayed at that hotel that it was good for an old boxing fan like me staying there........there were no fights on when i was there but i did get an invite from paulie mallinaggi to go to the press conference in the garden for his fight with amir khan and i was sat with fellow poster from here 'slapbangwhallop'....nearest i got to seeing boxing in the garden.

all off topic really, sorry
i may be open to correction on this....but..i think vingo is still alive and well....and is the only known one of marcianos professional opponents still alive.
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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