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Andre Ward vs Kelly Pavlik now completely cancelled

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According to Rafael.

He says Ward needs shoulder surgery and will be out for a 'considerable time'
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It sounds strange, but there are plenty of options for Pavlik, all because he signed to fight Ward.

Bute is stalling on a Froch rematch, so Kelly could be a Spring opponent for either. Would be a confidence boost for Bute who is likely to outbox Kelly, and it would be a name for Froch to smash and likely stop.

Also, i wouldnt bet against Kessler having one final payday in Denmark before a Froch rematch
Would love to see Bute-Pavlik since both are seemingly availible.
Perfectly logical.

The only one I would bet against happening would be Dirrell. Kessler, Froch and Bute would all offer Kelly more money.

Stevenson would be good too, but no real money in it i suspect
Pavlik would batter Bute IMO.
I was never that sold on Kelly during his prime. Bute, despite his limitations, would win every round IMO
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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